Healing of two-wall intrabony defects following treatment with a novel enamel matrix derivative formulation (Osteogain).  A preclinical study in non-human primates.

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白方 良典 (准教授)

Dry mouth and denture plaque microflora in complete denture and palatal obturator prosthesis wearers

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前田 綾(助教) 

クレンチング時の脳賦活部位の左右差についての検討 〜fMRIを用いた研究〜


永山 邦宏(助教) 

dpr and sod in Streptococcus mutans Are involved in Coexistence with S. sanguinis, and PerR Is Associated with Resistance to H₂O₂

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岩崎 智憲(准教授) 

Morphological differences of facial soft tissue contours from child to adult of Japanese males :   a three-dimensional cross-sectional study

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