Educational Goal

The goal of the Kagoshima University Faculty of Dentistry is to embody the premise of the ideal human being: "Before being a good dental professional, be a good medical professional. Before being a good medical professional, be a good individual." The School is committed to producing outstanding dental professionals, who can provide holistic dental care and services to their community as well as be capable dental educators and researchers who are fully equipped with broad and complete knowledge and are able to maintain the highest standards of scientific creativity.

The School is the leading center of dental education and research in southern Kyushu. As the keystone of dentistry in the region, it trains and educates general practitioners, educators and researchers, who all make significant contributions to their community complete with deep insight and understanding of humanity.

The School is further committed to educating dental professionals, educators and researchers who are able to make distinguished contributions in dentistry on the global level.

Diploma Policy

In line with Kagoshima University’s degree conferment policy and the Faculty’s educational objectives, the Faculty of Dentistry, Kagoshima University confers a Bachelor’s degree on those students who have acquired the following capabilities and have successfully completed the specified units:

  1. Acquisition of the ability to develop common sense and a humanitarian outlook, to demonstrate respect for patients, patients’ family members and other members of the medical team, to provide medical treatment while demonstrating appropriate communication skills, and to develop a proper awareness of the responsibilities of a dental physician.
  2. Acquisition of a wide-ranging knowledge that includes not only the fundamental medical science and clinical knowledge that are at the heart of dentistry, but also the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences, and acquisition of the ability to utilize this knowledge effectively as needed.
  3. Acquisition of the ability to provide patients with dental treatment that is safe, effective and appropriate, while taking into account the overall physical and mental health of the patient and their social circumstances.
  4. Acquisition of the ability to understand the diversity of dental care—including dental care provision on outlying islands, in local communities, and in the wider international community—and the self-cultivation needed to engage in a wide range of activities in local communities and in the international community, as well as the ability to understand the social roles played by dentistry and by medicine in general.
  5. Acquisition of the ability to reflect logically and critically on one’s own actions, which is the foundation for being able to realize self-improvement over the course of one’s career.
  6. Acquisition of an awareness of the importance of research to dental science, and acquisition of the ability to evaluate different types of data accurately, of the ability to think creatively, and of the ability to generate new information.

Curriculum Policy

So as to cultivate talented individuals who possess the capabilities specified in the Faculty’s degree conferment policy, the Faculty of Dentistry, Kagoshima University has formulated, and implements, the curriculum outlined below:

  1. We provide an integrated, systematic education to enable students to reach their learning goals by the time of graduation.
  2. We emphasize learner-centric, dynamic education aimed at enabling students to acquire the capabilities needed to cope with diverse medical needs in local communities and in the wider international community.
  3. We implement education, for students in all years, relating to the communications skills, ethical awareness and professionalism that are of fundamental importance for medical personnel.
  4. We implement education that integrates fundamental and clinical aspects, so that students can acquire the clinical abilities required of medical personnel.
  5. We implement locally-oriented education that reflects the uniqueness of Kagoshima, and education in regard to the provision of dental services in local communities and on outlying islands, for students in all years.
  6. We inculcate in students a problem-solving ability based on logical thinking, and scientific curiosity.
  7. We implement appropriate evaluation of the abilities that students are expected to acquire at each stage of the curriculum.

Admission Policy

In order to realize the Faculty’s degree conferment policy, we are looking for the following types of students:

  1. People with a pronounced concern for human life, strong moral values, and a desire to serve others.
  2. People with the basic academic abilities needed to understand and learn dental knowledge and skills.
  3. People with an interest in dental science and abundant scientific curiosity.
  4. People with a broad outlook and flexible mindset, who always think before they act.
  5. People with a strong desire contribute to society as dental physicians.
  6. People who have a strong desire and enthusiasm to contribute to the development of dental science (in the case of Class II Admission by Recommendation).