May, 1976 Preliminary Office was set up to establish Faculty of Dentistry in the medical building.
October, 1977 Kagoshima University Faculty of Dentistry was established. Two departments (Oral Physiology, Biomaterials Science) were founded.
April, 1978 Faculty of Dentistry was opened for undergraduate study to 80 students. Three departments (Operative Dentistry and Endodontology, Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I) were founded (Total 5 chairs).
April, 1979 Five departments (Oral Anatomy I, Biochemistry, Oral Pathology, Preventive Dentistry, Dental Radiology) were founded (Total 10 chairs).
March, 1980 New building completed for Faculty of Dentistry and the University Dental Hospital.
April, 1980 Five departments (Oral Anatomy II, Oral Microbiology and Immunology, Dental Pharmacology, Periodontology, Prosthetic Dentistry I) were founded (Total 15 chairs). Undergraduate Courses were started for students who had completed the pre-dental classes.
April, 1981 Two departments (Prosthetic Dentistry II, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery II) were founded (Total 17 chairs).
April, 1982 The Department of Pediatric Dentistry was founded (Total 18 chairs).
March, 1984 The first class to complete the course of study in the Dental School graduate.
April, 1984 The Graduate School of Dental Science was established with a quota of 18 students per year. The first class of students was admitted to the Graduate School.
March, 1988 The Graduate School awarded the doctoral degree to the first class of graduates.
April, 1989 The quota of undergraduate students per year was decreased to 60.
April, 1997 The Department of Dental Humanities was founded (Total 19 chairs).
April, 2003 The Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences was established (Total 20 chairs).
The quota of undergraduate students per year was decreased to 55.
April, 2011 The quota of undergraduate students per year was decreased to 53.