Staff Professor Youichi YAMASAKI
Associate Professor Tomonori IWASAKI
Senior Assistant Professor Hideo SATO
Assistant Professor Emi INADA
Assistant Professor Naoko KUBOTA
Assistant Professor Makiko HASHIGUCHI-SATO
Assistant Professor Hokuto SUGA
Assistant Professor Daisuke MURAKAMI
Assistant Professor Yuusuke Ban
Graduate Student Yoshito SHIRAZAWA
Graduate Student Toshiya TUJII
Graduate Student Ayaka YANAGISAWA
Graduate Student Yuushi YAMAMOTO
Graduate Student Hisako KANADA
Medical Staff Yoshihito GODA
Postgraduate Resident Sachiko KINJO
Postgraduate Resident Takae MAENO
Postgraduate Resident Shiho HAMACHI
Postgraduate Resident Keiko HIGUCHI
Visiting Resercher Ryuzo KANOMI
Visiting Resercher Norihito ISHITANI
Visiting Resercher Junko TOKUTOMI
Visiting Resercher Norihiro NISHIJIMA
Visiting Resercher Takako FUJISE
Visiting Resercher Yoshihiko TAKEMOTO
Visiting Resercher Naoyuki ISHIKITA
Outside Lecturer Kouki SHIGETA
Outside Lecturer Norihito ISHITANI
Outside Lecturer Yukio ISHIKURA
Outside Lecturer Kouichi HIDAKA
Outside Lecturer Kazumasa MORIKAWA
  1. Development of stomatognathic function in children
  2. Relationship between occlusal function and malocclusion in children
  3. Clinical investigation of occlusion and respiration in children
  4. Clinical investigation of temporomandibular disorder in juveniles
  5. Oral health promotion in children and people with disability
  6. Oral growth and development by cleft palate children using Hotz plate
  7. Morphologocal relationship between face and dental arches
  8. Clinical investigation of food intake, mastication and swallowing by means of motion capture system
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