Staff Professor Hiroyuki MINAMI
Senior Assistant Professor Yoshito MINESAKI
Assistant Professor Akihiko KADOKAWA
Assistant Professor Kouichi MURAGUCHI
Assistant Professor Hiroaki YANAGIDA
Assistant Professor Sadaaki MURAHARA
Assistant Professor Kenji SAKOGUCHI
Assistant Professor Daisaku SHIOMUKI
Assistant Professor Satoko MINEMOTO
Medical Staff Yutaro KAZIHARA
Medical Staff Erina ITO
Clerical Staff Satomi KAWABATA
  1. Development and evaluation of new bonding systems to dental restorative materials
  2. Development of a new dental treatment with polymeric bonding to dental alloys
  3. Improvement of esthetic treatment using bonding systems to ceramics and composites
  4. Evaluation of repairing systems for removable prostheses
  5. Development of a standardized test method for adhesion systems
  6. Development and evaluation of mechanical bonding systems between composites and dental alloys
  7. Development of a durable adhesive pontic system
  8. Study of Sintered Metal Restoration
  9. Application of Stress Analysis to Dental Restorations' Design(Three-Dimensional Finite Element Method and Three-Dimensional Photoelastic Method)
  10. Establishment of diagnostic methods for TMD patients
  11. Wear analysis of dental restorative materials
  12. Modification of Superstructure Design for Dental Implant
  13. Insertion technique of dental implant
Correspondence Department of Fixed Prosthetic Dentistry,
Field of Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation, Advanced Therapeutic Course,
Graduate school of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University

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